How do I file a tax appeal?

A taxpayer does not file an appeal of his/her taxes but rather the assessment. West Orange Township taxpayers who believe that their assessments are not fair as of October 1st, of the pretax year (the assessing date) have the right to file an appeal with the Essex County Board of Taxation on or before April 1st of the tax year. A Petition of Appeal may be obtained from the Essex County Board of Taxation located at 50 South Clinton Street, Suite 5200, East Orange, NJ 07018 973-395-8525 or visit

The Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights states property taxpayers in New Jersey have the following rights:

• The right to understand the property assessment process and the requirements of the state Constitution concerning the assessment of real property;

• The right to understand the calculation of the assessment on their property;

• The right to detailed information about how to appeal an assessment of property; and

• The right to view the property assessment of any other parcel of property in the municipality.

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