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O'Connor Park

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  1. Basketball Court
  2. Field House
  3. Handball Courts
  4. Multi-Purpose Field
  5. Playground
  6. Youth Baseball Field
O’Connor Park opened in 1974 and was named in honor of Frank O'Connor (1867–1951). He served West Orange for 40 years in various roles including Commissioner of Public Works and Tax Collector. A plumbing contractor by trade he was considered one of the foremost stage actors of the Oranges and made appearances in over 100 local theatrical productions.

Operated by the West Orange Recreation Department, O'Connor Park is located on Ralph Road at the intersection of Lorelei Road.

O'Connor Park features a kiddie playground, 3 multi-purpose fields, 4 tennis courts with lights, 2 basketball courts, a street hockey court with lights, a walking path and an ecosystem.

Constructed with the assistance of Nickelodeon Television Network, the two-tiered ecosystem illustrates the interdependency of life forms. It includes a wetlands area and a stream fed pond. Ideal for small class trips, the area is a hands-on, living science exhibit.