What is the difference between a local, county and state road?
West Orange Department of Public Works (973-325-4067), is responsible for services on municipal roads. County and state roads are serviced by their respective agencies. A list of county and state roads along with contact information for these agencies is provided below.

The COUNTY ROADS in West Orange are:
Central Avenue, Eagle Rock Avenue, Laurel Avenue, Main Street, Park Avenue,
Northfield Avenue, Pleasant Valley Way, Prospect Avenue, Washington Street,
Gregory Avenue (from Mt. Pleasant Avenue to the South Orange border) and
Mt. Pleasant Avenue (from Prospect Avenue East to Main Street).
Included in this list is Cherry Lane which has a specific designation of a
county park road.

Essex County Department of Public Works
900 Bloomfield Avenue
Verona, NJ, 07044
Department of Public Works (973) 226-8500
Division of Roads & Transportation (973)-239-3366

The STATE ROADS in West Orange are:
Interstate 280 (I-280) and part of Route 10 (Mt. Pleasant Avenue), from
Prospect Avenue to the Livingston border.

NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT)
NJ State Department of Transportation

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