Zoning Enforcement, Property Maint. & Public Housing Agency

Zoning Enforcement & Property Maintenance

The Zoning Enforcement, Property Maintenance and Housing Department is committed to the continued enforcement of our Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 25), and Housing Ordinance (Chapter 14). The Department manages all inquiries related to illegal uses, commercial business uses, required permits, and site plan review. The team consists of a Zoning Officer and three Property Maintenance Inspectors.

Queries overseen by the Department include:

Commercial Business Application Package for Permitted Use Change in Occupancy (PDF)

All new commercial business owners or tenants must also apply for a separate Commercial Certificate of Occupancy in the Building Department. A separate Sign Permit is also required.

Building, Remodeling, Opening a New Business (PDF)

Ten Tips That Will Keep West Orange Beautiful (PDF)

Permits & Applications

For some permits, prior zoning approval is required. Zoning approval is required for, but not limited to, the following:

A copy of your property survey and if applicable, architectural plans to scale, must be submitted at time of application showing exact location and dimensions of work to be done.

Permits and applications are available in the Department’s Document Center.