Annual Report 2022

About the Fire Department

The West Orange Fire Department has been serving the township since 1894. The West Orange Fire Department is a full-service, career department with five stations spread throughout the Township.

Mission Statement

The mission of the West Orange Fire Department is to protect lives, the environment, and property by providing prompt, skillful, and cost effective fire protection, emergency medical and life safety services.

Vision Statement

The West Orange Fire Department will be an exemplary organization acclaimed for our reputation, our county and regional strength, and our hometown attentiveness as we provide fire protection, emergency medical and life safety services.

Core Values


Performance Goals of the West Orange Fire Department include but are not limited to:

  • Maintain or reduce annual civilian casualties and property lost due to fire.
  • Respond to all calls for emergency assistance in an efficient and effective manner
  • Develop and implement a measurement system for "saves" with respect to lives saved, injuries avoided, and property preserved from fire.
  • Provide a cost effective administrative support system with respect to personnel matters, resource allocation, data collection, and facilities maintenance.
  • Provide a coordinated professional fire service training program including current technologies/techniques, driver operator certification, recruit firefighter training, emergency medical care, hazardous materials, and supervisory training.
  • Recruit all potential firefighters of the highest caliber.
  • Provide periodic and emergency repairs for all emergency equipment to assure the safe and efficient operation under emergency conditions.
  • Promote, encourage, and require safety as a primary element of all Department operations.
  • Promote a level of firefighter fitness that will reduce on the job injuries and increase firefighter work productivity.
  • Provide a responsible code enforcement program which assures a high level of fire safety in the community
  • Aggressively pursue public fire and burn safety education through individual contact, coordinating educational programming, and use of the local media
  • Provide an aggressive system of fire investigation including cause determination and investigation follow up
  • Maintain a quality control program with respect to departmental services particularly in the areas of fire control and fire inspections.
  • Provide non-emergency services to the public through special programming or requests including home fire safety surveys and requests for information on fire safety.

Annual Report 2022