Recycling – Curbside Collection

Now that recycling is collected single stream all items should be placed in tubs or containers. Plastic bags are not permitted because they are interfering with the sorting mechanism.

Recycling is mandatory by state law and municipal ordinance for designated items collected at the curb of your home or in specified locations in your complex. These recyclables are collected on the first municipal refuse collection day of the week for your zone, either on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Beginning September 9, 2013 recyclables will be collected in a single stream method. This means all recycling items will be collected on the same day. There will be no more alternating weeks. Comingled bottles, cans, and plastics may be placed at the curb with cardboard and paper items each week. These items are collected by our refuse hauler in a separate truck from household garbage.

Single stream items placed at the curb each week:

Glass beverage and food containers (all colors), aluminum beverage containers, tin/steel food cans, plastic containers for beverages, food, detergents and shampoo type plastics with a recycling #1, #2, or #5. No Styrofoam and Styrene permitted. Check the container for the number. Containers must be empty and should be rinsed free of residue. Newspaper, flattened cardboard, magazines, office paper, junk mail, catalogs, phone books, paperback books and books with hard covers removed.

View the Single Stream Recycling Announcement (PDF) for more information.

There is a 35 gallon limit and 50 pound weight limit for each container.

For missed recycling collection or curbside collection questions call 973-325-4120.

Mandated Television and Computer Electronics Recycling:

View Television and Computer Electronic Disposal Guidelines.

View Residential Refuse and Bulky Trash Collection Guidelines (PDF).

Household Hazardous Waste is not accepted as recyclable material or in refuse collection. This waste must held and brought to a County Center on sponsored collection days. This waste includes products in aerosol cans, cleaners, driveway sealant, oil based paints, stains and varnishes, paint thinners and removers, pool chemicals, roofing tar, photographic chemicals, pesticides and similar household items. Read the label to determine proper disposal. Visit ECUA