Office of Emergency Management

Logo4.pngWhat is the Office of Emergency Management?

The West Orange Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for coordinating the Township's response and planning activities during major events within the Township or surrounding area. OEM brings together the public safety and administrative departments in the Township to ensure that cohesive multi-level planning is undertaken before a disaster strikes. Once an emergency or disaster is predicted or occurs OEM coordinates between different departments in the Township as well as with the County and State to ensure that the Township's response is efficient and effective. West Orange OEM ensures that all of the Township's Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) for dealing with a multitude of different emergencies is updated and maintained. These plans are kept current through each individual department or neighborhood plan by reviewing annually and meeting on a quarterly basis. For an actual emergency OEM's coordinated preparation and response can include: 

  • Orderly evacuation of residents when they are identified as being at risk.
  • Opening shelters for residents who are evacuated or cannot reach their homes.
  • Coordinate resources and responses between the Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works, Essex County and State agencies.

 Preparing for a Disaster

As part of OEM's preparation for a disaster or an emergency, we advise local residents and businesses on how to prepare themselves for an emergency situation. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) site has a comprehensive listof what supplies you should prepare in advance for your Family to access in an emergency. We have recommended some supplies to start with to help you get started.