Staff Functions

Conduct Criminal History Checks

It is necessary to access criminal history records during the course of investigations as well as when the municipal court needs same for sentencing purposes. This function is conducted by all members of the Detective Bureau on an as-need basis.

Coordinate Booking & Photographing of Prisoners

The use of standard 35-millimeter film has been phased out for booking photo purposes. The use of digital imaging has been the method of obtaining mug photos since May 2000. This has resulted in a substantial cost savings, as well as almost the entire elimination of losing a photo of a suspect. The image is viewed at time of booking as opposed to after development of traditional film. Detective personnel are also responsible for the completion of fingerprint cards and the forwarding of these records to the proper governmental agencies.

Review Teletype Traffic

All teletypes are held at the police desk for review by bureau personnel. On many occasions, similar crimes and other pertinent information is gleaned from these teletypes that assists in investigations being conducted by this agency.

Communicate with Reported Victims

During the course of the daily distribution of the workload to detectives for investigations, many offense reports show no signs or promise of being cleared. These incidents are judged to be early case closure. In addition, other reported incidents are referred directly to the court for complaints. In situations as aforementioned, a letter under the complaining victim with instructions as to alternative courses of action is sent.

Noncriminal Photo Assignments

Due to their expertise in this area, bureau personnel are called on frequently by local government officials for the purpose of photographing special events that take place in the township.

Recall / Standby Duty

As with the entire West Orange Police Department, all detectives and supervisors assigned to the Detective Bureau are subject to immediate recall 24/7. In addition to this responsibility, there is a primary detective and supervisor assigned to reach 24-hours period in which he will be available to be recalled to duty when contacted by phone or pager.

Background Investigations for Handgun Carry Permits

As necessary and when assigned by the chief of police, a bureau supervisor conducts a background investigation of an applicant who wishes to obtain a handgun carrying permit. This background investigation includes a recommendation for approval or rejection to the chief of police by the responsible investigator.