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Forms are documents that typically collect information from the public for a specific purpose. These documents are typically made available online so that a citizen can print them at home, fill them out manually, and return them to the township for processing. The electronic versions of these forms should be identical to their physical counterparts and likewise acceptable as original documents when presented to the department for processing.

Informational Documents

These documents are informational in nature. They can be brochures, instructional manuals, or any other type of document that provides information to the public.

Open Public Records Act

Please note that municipal court records are not subject to the Open Public Records Act. See the Municipal Court page for more information and to download the proper form to request records.

Available Documents

View available documents:

Bingo & Raffle License

Boards & Commission

 Mechanical and Electronic Amusement Devices (Bagatelles)

Commercial Vehicles (PDF)


Essex County Clerk

Fireworks Display

Liquor Licenses

Peddler & Canvasser Application & Information Packet