Cannabis Advisory Group & Information

Contact Information:

Cannabis Advisory Group
c/o Municipal Clerk's Office
66 Main Street
West Orange, NJ 07052


To be scheduled as needed


Chief James P. Abbott- West Orange Police Department
Michelle Casalino- Township Council Member/West Orange Board of Education Liaison
Cindy Matute-Brown- Township Council Member
Abdul Moore- Mayor's Appointment
Jonathan Redwine- West Orange Zoning Board Representative
Abdur Yasin- Downtown West Orange Alliance (DWOA) Representative


Resolution 188-21 Establishing A Task Force and Advisory Commission -Cannabis Businesses
Resolution 239-21 Cannabis Taskforce and Advisory Committee
Resolution 38-22 Cannabis Application Fees

Ordinance 2647-21 Cannabis Ordinance
Ordinance 2670-21 Amending the Smoking Prohibition to Add Cannabis Products and E-Cigarettes
Ordinance 2673-21 Ordinance Governing Cannabis Businesses- REVISED