Warm Weather Crime Prevention

Safety Tips for Warm-Weather Crime Prevention

Summer is a time of relaxation, but criminals are never on vacation. It's important to take time to protect your property and valuables with these simple measures that will help deter lawbreakers.


It is a recognized fact that good lighting is a deterrent to crime. It not only makes the area safer for the homeowner, but also forces the intruder to work in an area where he may be exposed and reported to the police.

Lighting should be placed in an area that cannot be easily reached by an intruder and should light entry doors and carports or garages. Photocell or motion detection lighting can be helpful for the forgetful homeowner.

Landscaping and plant materials

Bushes, trees and shrubbery can conceal a potential intruder as he attempts entry into a window or door, or waits in hiding for the homeowner. Trim shrubbery and trees so doors and windows are visible to neighbors and from the street. Prune trees so they can't help a thief climb to second story windows. Ground plants (shrubbery and bushes) within 4 feet of any sidewalks, driveways, doors or gates should be no taller than 2 feet. Ground plants between 4 feet and 8 feet of any sidewalks, driveways doors or gates should be no taller than 4 feet. Ground plants under windows should not be above the window sill. Trees should be trimmed so that lower branches are more than 6 feet off the ground. Planting spiny or thorny plants along fences and under windows can discourage possible burglars.

Lock Up

Always close and lock windows when leaving your house.

Stay Alert

Help your neighbors by watching out for suspicious activity around their homes and on your street.

For additional information please contact:

West Orange Police Department Community Services Unit

Enjoy your summer and stay safe!