Municipal Court

Muncipal Courts

West Orange Municipal Court will now return to an
 In-Person Court commencing on 1/10/2023.

If you are unsure about your scheduled in person date, please call the Court. Monday-Friday 9:00am -4:00pm 973-325-4080. If you wish to be electronically notified of your court proceeding, please supply our staff with your email and/or cellphone number. 

If you received a parking and/or a non-mandatory court appearance violation, your matter can be adjudicated through a plea by mail the form that is linked below. Please fill it out and return to the Court.

Send completed forms to Court Administrator or Deputy Court Administrator

Mailing Address - West Orange Municipal Court, 60 Main Street,  West Orange, NJ 07052 Attn: Yvonne Bowers, CMCA

Please note Certain Offenses are excluded from the Plea by mail option those are (DUI 39:4-50, 39:3-40 Driving while suspended, and Not Guilty Criminal Offenses)

Plea by mail using  Main Plea Form

NJ Courts Judiciary's Online Dispute Resolution Program

The public can now ask the municipal prosecutor to review their traffic matters and may be able to resolve their case without having to appear in person.

 The Judiciary’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) program, allows court users to dispute a charge and provide information or evidence to municipal prosecutors online. The ODR program applies to 37 traffic offenses, such as speeding, failure to have an insurance card, or failure to yield, where defendants commonly provide additional documentation and seek a reduced charge before pleading guilty.

 Court users can make their requests for review to the municipal prosecutor through NJMC Direct webpage ( or ). After reviewing the case, the prosecutor can offer a lesser charge or decline to change the charge. If a lesser charge is accepted, the matter will be reviewed by a judge for approval. If approved, the defendant does not need to go to court. If the prosecutor declines to offer a lesser charge, or the judge does not approve the new charge, a hearing date is scheduled for the defendant to appear In Person.

Mission Statement

We are an independent branch of government constitutionally entrusted with the fair and just resolution of disputes in order to preserve the rule of law and to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States and this State.

To get in touch with the west orange municipal Court

                                                                     Click Here


Citizen Complaint

Need to file a Citizen’s Complaint? Please fill out this document and email the form to Email - Yvonne.Bowers@Njcourts.Gov

  • The Court can not provide you with any legal advice

  • Please have the Defendant’s information for serving purposes (Complaint will still be accepted for filing purposes)

  • Please indicate on above form if the Defendant is an Elected Public Official

  • The Court *Can Not* and *Will Not* provide any addresses or phone numbers for any listed parties on your Complaint Form

  • Complainant must know what offense to bring forth against The Defendant- The Court Can Not and Will Not provide an Offense to allege Charge(s). 

 Records Request

The West Orange Municipal Court is not subject to the Open Public Records Act
and the standard OPRA Request Form is not applicable.
Download the New Jersey Judiciary Records Request Form (PDF).

Pay your traffic tickets online NJMC Direct

The West Orange Municipal Court Session Days are as follows:

                                        Tuesdays 9:30 am (Traffic) and 5:00 pm (Traffic)                                 Thursdays 9:30 am (Criminal and Traffic)


                                                           *Property Maintenance                                                                                                                              *Violation of Probation                                                                           Please note the Court will not grant any adjournments the day prior 
to or on the scheduled Court date.


           Letters of Representation should be faxed and
           emailed to the contact information listed.


                                       To request Transcripts the Court will need:                                                    * Name and Address of Party requesting the transcript    
                                * Complaint number and Court Date                                                                             * $500 Deposit check made out to Audio Digital Transcription