What is expected of property owners?

Equitable assessments depend on the cooperation of the property owners. Interior inspections, especially, require that residents cooperate with the data collectors. The validity of a market value depends on the collection of accurate data. Property owners have a stake in the outcome of the revaluation program. Any assistance a taxpayer can provide will aid in the total data collection process. If there is information you believe should be considered in the valuation, please inform the data collector. We will make every effort to cause property owners the least possible inconvenience.

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1. What is a revaluation?
2. When will the program begin and end?
3. What is expected of property owners?
4. Will photographs be used?
5. Will the field inspector be able to tell me the new assessment?
6. What will the data collectors look for?
7. What if I’m not at home?
8. When will I be advised of the proposed assessment?
9. Will my assessment increase? What affect will the Revaluation have on my tax bill?
10. What is the difference between reassessment and revaluation?
11. Why does my Municipality need a revaluation?
12. What is a ratio?
13. Is a revaluation done to raise taxes?
14. How is a revaluation accomplished?