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Applications listed below are designed for multi-part forms. Please submit the original and three additional copies when you appear in the office.

 Zoning Approval is required for, but not limited to the following items:

  • Additions
  • Dumpsters
  • Decks
  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • Greenhouses
  • New Home Construction
  • Outdoor Playsets
  • Pools
  • Sheds
  • Standby Power Generators
  • Temporary Storage Containers

IMPORTANT! A copy of your property survey, and if applicable, architectural plans to scale, must be submitted at time of application showing exact location and dimensions of work to be done for Zoning review.

Building/Construction Code Enforcement Division:

Before you Dig – call 811
Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Regulations (PDF) 
C.C.O. Application (Residential) (PDF)
C.C.O Application (Commercial) (PDF)
New Business / Change of Use Application (Commercial) (PDF) 
C.C.O. Conditions for Inspections (PDF)
Chapter XIV Housing Ordinance (PDF)
Chapter XXV Land Use Ordinance (PDF)
Chimney Permit and Liner Requirements (PDF) 
UCC – Chimney Liner Requirements (PDF)
COAH: Residential Development Fee Certification (PDF)
COAH: Non Residential Development Fee Certification (PDF) 
Deck Guidelines and Inspection Checklist (PDF)
Demolition Requirements (PDF)
Energy Conservation (PDF) 
Energy - Minimum R Value for Duct Work (PDF)
Fee Schedule - Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Sub-Code (PDF)
Finished Basement Requirements for Single Family Homes (PDF)
Fire Safety Registration Form (PDF)
Framing Checklist (PDF) 
HVACR Contractors License Alert (PDF)
Inspection Guide (PDF) 
Pool Installation Information (PDF) 
Single-Family Additions- Guidelines (PDF)
Whole House Generator Requirements (PDF)

Construction Permit Applications: 

Construction Permit Application (PDF)
Building Permit (PDF) 
Electrical Permit (PDF) 
Plumbing Permit (PDF)
Mechanical Permit (PDF) 
Fire Permit (PDF) 
Elevator Permit Package (PDF)
Construction Permit (PDF)
Permit Update (PDF)
Application for Certificate (PDF) 
Application for Variation (PDF)

Planning Division:

2019 Planning Board Meeting Schedule (PDF)
2019 Zoning Board Meeting Schedule (PDF)
Application Package for Planning/Zoning Board (PDF)
Commercial Business Application Package (PDF)
Chapter 14 Housing Ordinance (PDF) 
Chapter 25 Land Use Ordinance (PDF)

Fence Permit (PDF) 
Filming Permit Application and Ordinance (PDF) 
Garage Sale Application, Ordinance and Procedures (PDF) 
Historic Preservation Commission-Certificate of Appropriateness Application Package (PDF)
Home Occupation or Home Professional Office Application Package (PDF) 
Housing Rehabilitation Preliminary Application (PDF)
OPRA Request Form (PDF)
Outdoor Cafe Permit Application (PDF)
Outdoor Sale Permit (PDF)
Planning / Zoning Pricing (PDF)
Sign Ordinance (PDF)
Table of District Regulations (PDF)
Temporary Outside Sale Permit Application (PDF)
Township Master Plan 2010 Update and Circulation Plan Element Amendment May 4, 2016 (PDF)
Township Open Space & Recreation Plan (PDF)
Township Steep Slopes - 15% or More Map (PDF) 
Township Street Map (PDF)
Township Zoning Map (PDF)
Tree Removal Application Package (PDF)
User's Guide to Building & Remodeling (PDF)
Zoning Board of Adjustment- Rules of Procedure (PDF)
Zoning Board of Adjustment Annual Report for 2016 (PDF)
Zoning Board of Adjustment Annual Report for 2017 (PDF)

Redevelopment Plans & Studies:

Central Valley Corridor Redevelopment Plan (Harvard Press) (PDF)

Downtown Redevelopment Plan (PDF)
Essex Green and Executive Drive Area in Need of Redevelopment Study - October 2017 (PDF)
300 Executive Drive Redevelopment Plan - July 2018 (PDF)
Organon Redevelopment Plan (PDF)

Zoning Enforcement, Property Maintenance & Housing Division:

Chapter 14 Housing (PDF)
Chapter 25 Land Use Ordinance (PDF)
Fence Permit (PDF)
Planning / Zoning Pricing (PDF)
Sign Ordinance (PDF)
Table of District Regulations (PDF)
Temporary Outside Sale Permit Application (PDF)
Township Downtown Redevelopment Plan (PDF)
User's Guide to Building & Remodeling (PDF)