Township of West Orange Revaluation Program for 2025 Tax Year

West Orange has hired revaluation firm Professional Property Appraisers (PPA) to conduct the Township's mandatory 2025 revaluation.  Any property owner who would like information relevant to the revaluation program should visit the Professional Property Appraisers website, or contact them directly at 1-866-957-1388.

The goal of the revaluation program is to update all property assessments to fair market value. To achieve this goal, all pertinent information must be accurately collected. PPA representatives will be visiting each property within the Township to perform an inspection and take measurements of all buildings on, and improvements to, the land. Field inspections are anticipated to start in September 2023 and be completed by February 2024.

Representatives performing the inspections are not responsible for developing the market value estimates. Their job is not to make an instant judgment as to valuation, but rather to collect information to be used in the valuation process. Each representative and their vehicle will be registered with the Township of West Orange Police Department and will be wearing a photo identification badge. Representatives will also be required to carry an identification letter on them at all times. 

At the conclusion of the program, all property owners will be notified by mail of the assessed value established for their property. There will also be the opportunity to discuss the new value with a PPA representative if desired.

All property owners should have received a letter detailing the aforementioned process in August of 2023. A copy of this letter is available here , and a copy of the accompanying brochure can be found here 

For More Information Regarding the Reval, view this power point presentation

 Identification/Credentials of the Inspectors

progress map showing where inspections are beginning  

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