Civilian Complaint Review Board


Board members are entitled to review complaints and present their conclusions to both the Mayor and the Chief of Police (Chief). They may also request additional information or clarification regarding the findings or decisions made in the course of the internal affairs investigations, or request that the internal affairs investigation be reopened. The Board may not override any finding or decision made as a result of the internal affairs process, nor do they have the power to impose discipline, require another official to impose discipline, immunize any person from prosecution or render any finding or decision that requires deference from any other official. They may not commence an investigation of a particular civilian complaint or incident until after any criminal and/or internal affairs investigations have concluded and any resulting discipline has been imposed. Information will be public in 30 days

The Civilian Complaint Review Board shall consist of seven members chosen as follows:
Three members shall be selected by the Council as a whole by majority vote and  Four members shall be selected by the Mayor

Terms for Board members shall be four years. Meetings shall take place in a closed session whenever the content of internal affairs are discussed. The review shall take place only in a secure location designated by the Chief of Police or Mayor.

Civilian Complaint Review Board- Creation and Membership

Contact Information: 

Interested parties can contact Police Chief James P. Abbott ( directly or (973) 325-4030


Pastor Doug Adams- Chair
       Joy Church of God
Rabbi Robert Tobin
       Temple B'Nai Shalom
Reverand Zachard Guyton
       Bethany Evangelical Church
Pastor William Charles
       Living Faith Seventh Day Adventist Church