Central Records Bureau

About the Central Records Bureau

The Central Records Bureau is the repository for all reports generated by the Police Department. All property and evidence that comes into possession of the department is stored pending the outcome of criminal investigations or until the rightful owner is located.

The Township of West Orange is governed by the provisions of the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and will disseminate reports and other relevant statistics in accordance with these guidelines.

The Central Records Bureau provides the following services:

  • Copies of incident and accident reports (available within 3 – 5 business days of incident)
  • Letters of Good Conduct
  • Fingerprinting for Township residents (Mon – Fri 8:30 am – 10:30 am)
  • Discovery for pending Court actions (including the reproductions of photos when necessary)
  • Surveys of Crime Statistics (Uniform Crime Report)
  • Firearms Identification Cards, Permits to Purchase a Handgun and Handgun Carry Permits
  • Issuance of Municipal Lot Parking Permits

2-66.1 Fees for Public Records

2-66.1 Fees for Public Records. The following fees are hereby fixed and established for the following services extended and materials distributed by the Township. The Township shall permit inspection, examination, and copying of government records during regular business hours.

A. For the issuance of photocopies of ordinances, minutes, resolutions, and other government records embodied in the form of printed matter, except those listed below, the fees shall be:

First page to tenth page $.75 per page
Eleventh page to twentieth page $.50 per page
All pages over 20 $.25 per page
Except for a police accident report, there is an additional fee when the request is not made in person of $5.00 for the first three (3) pages and $1.00 for each additional page as provided by NJSA 39:4-131.
Further, if the copies are delivered or mailed, there shall be an additional charge assessed depending on the postage or delivery method used.

B. Fingerprint Cards Ten ($10.00) dollars per card.

C. Criminal History Search Ten ($10.00) dollars per search

D. Copies of Photographs One ($1.00) dollars per photograph

E. Mental Health Form Ten ($10.00) dollars.

F. Permit to Purchase a Handgun Two ($2.00) dollars.

G. Firearms I.D. Card Five ($5.00) dollars.

H. Copies of Audio and Video Recordings, 911 Calls, Telephone Calls, Radio Transmissions:

Five ($5.00) dollars is the cost of any audio cassette and/or video tapes. Copies requested by a criminal justice agency will be provided free of charge.