Office of Professional Development

The Office of Professional Development (O.P.D.) consists of the following sub-units:

  • Accreditation
  • Training

The Office of Professional Development has a multitude of responsibilities. One of our responsibilities is researching grants. Grants help alleviate the cost for things such as Training, traffic enforcement details, bullet proof vests , just to name a few things. O.P.D. is also charged with policy development and the continual evaluation of our written directive system in order to improve the delivery of service to the public. Other obligations include the Accreditation Unit which coordinates CALEA and one of the most important functions training. O.P.D. is charged with ensuring that the states mandated training is completed and we are always searching for the most advance training for our officers, so that they may provide our citizens with the service they deserve. O.P.D. is committed to developing the best officers who in turn will provide our citizens with a safe community.