About the Fire Prevention Bureau

Under the direction of the "Fire Official", the Fire Prevention Bureau is actively involved in one of the most important aspects of department operations. The activities and responsibilities of prevention and inspection have increased dramatically in recent years and require more efficient use of personnel. As the "Local Enforcing Agency", the Fire Prevention Bureau and the Fire Official are responsible for the administration and enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.

Fire Safety Programs

Some of the fire safety education programs available through WOFD Fire Prevention include:

  • Life Hazard Use Inspections
  • Live fire extinguisher and/or fire safety demonstrations for employees of nursing homes, residents of multi-family dwellings, industrial fire brigades and civic/service organizations.
  • Home fire safety inspection/consultation
  • School fire safety
  • Senior Safe fire safety
  • Permits

Fire Prevention Activities

In conjunction with National Annual Fire Prevention Week in October, the West Orange Fire Department holds an open house that is hosted by the Fire Prevention Bureau. Township residents and visitors from neighboring communities are able to hear informative talks regarding fire safety, witness demonstrations of fire department equipment (including vehicle extrication with the "jaws of life"), view movies and photographs to aid in understanding what firefighters face each time they respond to an alarm, visit with the firefighters, and get a first-hand look at the department apparatus.

2020 Fire Prevention Week-Serve Up Fire Prevention in the Kitchen


The Fire Prevention Bureau coordinates over 1,300 annual property inspections including "Life Hazard" inspections mandated by the State of New Jersey. These inspections are conducted by in-service units supervised by company officers certified through the NJ Division of Fire Safety. Depending on the use of the occupancy, these inspections may be required to be conducted on a quarterly basis.


Our Fire Investigators complete training and are certified by the NJ Division of Criminal Justice. The Fire Prevention Bureau works hand-in-hand with the Essex County Prosecutor's Arson Task Force and other government agencies to determine the origin and cause of each fire incident. Particular attention is given to those incidents that are the direct cause of serious injury, death, or extensive property damage.